Dance, bodyART, GROOVE, Yoga in Berlin




Manche Dinge kann man einfach besser in englischer Sprache erklären...


I fell in love with THE GROOVE at Zensation Convention in Munich in 2011 when Misty Tripoli had us shaking our bodies, crawling on the floor and did a lecture on being authentic and true to ourselves. Going through a lot of "let-go-and-be-happy" stuff myself at that time, she got me instantly. I couldn't imagine facilitating at that point, so I attended some more classes and became a fitness instructor before I finally decided to take the training. This was the best decision ever! Whenever I teach now and get people to let go while dancing, see their faces in peace and harmony with themselves - I know that dance and music is a powerful way to heal. Let's put it like this: it's a powerful drug that you might get addicted to. And a lot of fun by the way!


I see THE GROOVE HOUSE as a safe place for people to come together authentically, to move their bodies the way it is good for themselves and to personally grow in every class - may it be GROOVE or bodyART or yoga or every other class.


I want THE GROOVE HOUSE to be a fun place, but also a place of silence and peace where everyone gets room to figure out how to SHINE from deep inside. A room of respect and variety, a room for people of all kinds to come together. It is a place for great conversations and heartwarming hugs, a place to build community.


For the future I invision THE GROOVE HOUSE to be the center for all GROOVERs to come together - for dancing, for facilitator trainings, for workshops and inspirational talks, for dance specials, bodyART classes and trainings and yoga experiences.


COME AND JOIN US - make DREAMS come true!